​​​There is magic in planting a seed and watching it grow. Just as the seeds of our essential oils are carefully sown, the wholesome ingredients in our wellness products have been cultivated to help uplift and relax body and mind.To put the power of complete wellness into your hands, we have carefully crafted a line of essential oils, all-natural vitamins, and product solutions designed to support a balanced, healthy life.​ 

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Brenda Joy Johnson, C.Ht, CAHA, RPII


by the City of Pacifica

2014 Best Hypnotherapy Service.

I am honored to be listed with several local business owners in this esteemed award.

Thank you to those who selected my business.


Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Advanced Handwriting Analysis


Reiki Practitioner

Welcome to the Home Page

of Brenda Joy Johnson C. Ht; Reiki Practitioner Find out how to achieve your goals. What is hypnotherapy and Reiki, What can it do for me?

What is Hypnotherapy?  Hypnotherapy is used to eliminate known behaviors in t he subconscious mind and replacing them with positive affirmations and suggestions to create the desired changes.  Hypnosis can help you in so many ways it might be easier to say how it can't help. It is very safe and easy. Most general self improvement goals can be achieved in just one session. For more details on what hypnotherapy can do for you be sure to view the FAQ page where I list 146 ways it can work for you.  You will be amazed at how many things can be helped such as stuttering, Fibromyalgia and migraines.

What is Reiki? Reiki is Energy work which relaxes you, and gives you what you need mind, body, or heart. Reiki can be used on anyone and the results will vary and are special to each individual. Reiki is guided by Intention. Learn more about Reiki on Concerns Page.

What can it do for me:  Everyone has issues they would like to overcome or work on to create a healthy and happy life.  Hypnosis is a very safe and effective way to create desired changes.

I am honored to be your hypnotherapist and I appreciate your questions, thoughts and concerns.  Feel free to contact me for a free 30-Minute Consultation to better serve you.

Many Blessings,

Brenda Joy Johnson, C.Ht; RPII

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